Captain's Log

Out of the Fry Pan

Hand to God, I did not know they’d take her. All I wanted was to get shod of them Tong fellas and get the parts we needed. If that cowardly, no-account, peacock-strutting purple-belly so much as touches a hair on Bess’s head — What? No, I said ‘Raven’, you infernal machine!

Where was I? So, parts were fetched, horse returned (as far as I know), and Jimmy Lo on a wild goose chase. We were planning on laying low for a bit while Raven had one of her assignations. Then that pansy had to go and arrest her. Knowing her, she’ll have one of her contacts spring her before we can ride to the rescue, but I’ll be damned if that prancing boot-licker is going to take my woman. Friend. Woman friend.

end log



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