Reardon Smythe

Browncoat lovin' son-of-a-farmer pilot with a literal lead foot.


A thin, not too tall, scraggly man who looks old and worn for his age and startles a bit too easily.


Readon is the youngest of seven brothers who work their Mother’s farm on one of the rim planets. Reardon was picked on by his older brothers and bullied him to do the lion’s portion of the work on the farm. As a result, Reardon learned to master all sorts of machinery and vehicles, flying and otherwise. It was a prank gone bad that lead to Reardon’s foot getting caught in a thresher.

Reardon took the first opportunity to hop a transport off world to join the Browncoats. Unfortunately for Reardon, there was no Browncoat army to join, anymore. In lieu of being a Browncoat, Reardon tries to adventure with them, whenever possible. Reardon is pleased as cat in a dairy barn to be part of Capt’m Patch’s crew.

Reardon Smythe

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