Captain's Log - Ariel Run

It never rains but it pours

A real job. A real, honest to god job with paperwork. That’s what it was supposed to be. Now, I can’t fault Clive, at least not without hearing the truth of it. He’s always been square with me so it’s possible he didn’t know. And Hedge did check the cargo, so maybe it was hid from Clive. Or maybe he had some other reason to do me dirty.

It’s also entirely possible that the job was on the up and up and Mac’s just pulling another one of her stunts. Let’s see how eager she is to run off on her own against orders after she’s scrubbed the cargo bay clean. Damn that woman! If she’d done as she’d been told…. But when has she ever?

Now, I ain’t too keen on putting some of this in official records, but most of it’s known to them purple bellies anyway. I wasn’t too surprised to hear Reardon’s side of things. Well, the particulars were new to me, but the man has been right strange from the get-go. I mean, who the hell wants to join up with a crew like this unless they’re running from something? As I told him, we’ve all got secrets. We’ve all done things we ain’t proud of. There’s a reason this ship’s called Redemption, after all.

I’m a might surprised about Zen, though. His daddy was a tough old cuss but that boy’s just never showed much temper before. I’ll have to bear that in mind. Some day, might be me looking out for that left hook.

Raven’s new pal — let’s just keep calling him ‘Joe’ for now. I could have lived without that complication but it is what it is. We couldn’t just hang him out to dry, not any more than I’d let the others twist in the wind. That ain’t a regret I want waking me up nights. Got enough of those already. Hell, when Raven asked me could he come along, it wasn’t even in question.

I am worried over Hedge, though. What kind of man don’t want to go out carousing?

  • pause recording *

“Finished? Good. Now scrub the top of the hold. You heard me. Best not be any cobwebs hiding in the conduits.”

  • resume recording *

Best we lay low for a bit. Only so much silence a couple cases of rye and steaks will buy.

  • end log *



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