Captain's Log - Ariel Run
It never rains but it pours

A real job. A real, honest to god job with paperwork. That’s what it was supposed to be. Now, I can’t fault Clive, at least not without hearing the truth of it. He’s always been square with me so it’s possible he didn’t know. And Hedge did check the cargo, so maybe it was hid from Clive. Or maybe he had some other reason to do me dirty.

It’s also entirely possible that the job was on the up and up and Mac’s just pulling another one of her stunts. Let’s see how eager she is to run off on her own against orders after she’s scrubbed the cargo bay clean. Damn that woman! If she’d done as she’d been told…. But when has she ever?

Now, I ain’t too keen on putting some of this in official records, but most of it’s known to them purple bellies anyway. I wasn’t too surprised to hear Reardon’s side of things. Well, the particulars were new to me, but the man has been right strange from the get-go. I mean, who the hell wants to join up with a crew like this unless they’re running from something? As I told him, we’ve all got secrets. We’ve all done things we ain’t proud of. There’s a reason this ship’s called Redemption, after all.

I’m a might surprised about Zen, though. His daddy was a tough old cuss but that boy’s just never showed much temper before. I’ll have to bear that in mind. Some day, might be me looking out for that left hook.

Raven’s new pal — let’s just keep calling him ‘Joe’ for now. I could have lived without that complication but it is what it is. We couldn’t just hang him out to dry, not any more than I’d let the others twist in the wind. That ain’t a regret I want waking me up nights. Got enough of those already. Hell, when Raven asked me could he come along, it wasn’t even in question.

I am worried over Hedge, though. What kind of man don’t want to go out carousing?

  • pause recording *

“Finished? Good. Now scrub the top of the hold. You heard me. Best not be any cobwebs hiding in the conduits.”

  • resume recording *

Best we lay low for a bit. Only so much silence a couple cases of rye and steaks will buy.

  • end log *
Mother's Little Helper
Better living through chemicals

Looking down at my hands,

“Why aren’t they shaking?”.

My usual cocktail of amphetamines and muscle relaxants had long worn off and I felt clear headed. So why weren’t they shaking?

The recent events on Deadwood had been taking up all my attention. Giving me something to focus on, other than my own problems. I had figured a way, long ago, to suppress the shakes. I was always good in a lab and chemicals were my forté. In a lab I was Invincible. In a lab, I could do anything.

Mac would occasionaly look at me with “that look” she does. When she thinks I am going to slide, she knows the signs. She would sedate me, or lock me up and one time she even knocked me out. Oblivion was better than remembering.

“Why aren’t my hands shaking?”

It was good to work in a lab again, coming up with the fake plague for the captain was fun. Like the jokes we used to play on medical students back at St Lucy’s on Ariel during my internship. It was good to do something for the crew.. I feel bad about Zen though, he’s a solid guy and I feel bad, not telling him about the aerosol. He still thinks we saved him from the plague. We all keep up the pretense, but sometimes it’s hard not to smile…. especially when he thanks us for getting to him in time.

By the time I got back to the ship, the last of the chemicals had worked their way out of my system, my “mother’s little helper”, my redemption cocktai, all gone. I was sober. I hadn’t even noticed.
“Not a tremor”,_

Everyone’s in the breakroom, laughing about the narrow escape on Deadwood. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sight of the captain in a dress, I have to ask him how he was able to run in those heels. He seemed well practiced in that regard. Hell, I need a coffee, I think it’s time to lay off the hard stuff for a while. Time to sober up. I have a crew that needs a doctor.

“Look at that, steady as a rock, not a murmur… “,

Another round of laughter from the other room, I think I’ll join them grab a coffee.

It’s good to be home…

- ”Hedge”

Captain's Log
Out of the Fry Pan

Hand to God, I did not know they’d take her. All I wanted was to get shod of them Tong fellas and get the parts we needed. If that cowardly, no-account, peacock-strutting purple-belly so much as touches a hair on Bess’s head — What? No, I said ‘Raven’, you infernal machine!

Where was I? So, parts were fetched, horse returned (as far as I know), and Jimmy Lo on a wild goose chase. We were planning on laying low for a bit while Raven had one of her assignations. Then that pansy had to go and arrest her. Knowing her, she’ll have one of her contacts spring her before we can ride to the rescue, but I’ll be damned if that prancing boot-licker is going to take my woman. Friend. Woman friend.

end log

Birds Eye View, Part 1

Knit one, Purl two…why do I smell smoke? Who’s cooking supper?…Knit one, Purl two….Why are we suddenly jouncing?…Knit one, Damn, did I drop a stitch?…..Purl two…Ok, now I know something is wrong the Captain is yelling at Zen….Knit two, Purl one, Yarn over…….I think it’s best if I put the seat belt on…..Yes, the engine IS on fire……That explains the smoke smell…Knit one, Purl two…….Shuttle fully fueled….Do I have enough supplies to make it to the nearest moon?…..Knit one, Purl two……Are we even near to ANY moon or Planet?…….Knit two, Purl one, Yarn over…..Cousin Keiko will really love this scarf when I am done….Boy, Patch really does have a set of lungs on him, doesn’t he?……Knit one, Purl two……Remind me why I fly through the black with these people? Oh yes, that’s right….the Spirits have told me that my Path lies with them on this Road…..Grandmother Spider, what a tangled and mysterious Web you weave…..Great Ancestors! Why is the ship at a 45 degree angle?…..Knit one, Purl two…….That’s it…I am going to die young, beautiful and poor out here on the edge of nowhere…Wish I had some incense or a Smudge stick…..maybe next time we are in Port I will get a Shaman to exorcise the engine of the evil Spirits….or maybe Zen will get that part that he’s been begging the Captain for……..Knit one, Purl Two….Oh Hang the Scarf! If I am going to die at least I want to be doing something about it rather than placidly sitting here knitting…..Now, let’s go find the Captain!

Zen's solo driving lesson
Or how to get free noodle soup

Zen may never get all of the noodles out of the mule. I feel bad about that. I suppose the bumps and bruises I got in the back under that tarp is enough justice for making Zen drive to the scrap yard. However, I can never again let Zen negotiate prices. Sure am thankful we brought the tarp. It was a close call.


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